We think the Bible matters.

We think God's Spirit gets to work powerfully in our lives as God speaks to us through it and we want God’s Word to set the agenda for what we do and how we do it. We think we can all grow to know God more through it and so we give ourselves to helping each other get to grips with it. We believe what God says through the bible couldn't be more wonderful, but we're ready to go with our maker and ruler, even when it proves unpopular.


We think emotions matter.

Understanding the Scriptures is not an end in itself, to puff us up with knowledge. Rather, as God’s word is read, preached, and sung, we wish the Spirit to inform and direct our hearts. We want our sung worship to engage the emotions and for our preaching to stir our hearts, even if we don't want to be ruled by our emotions.


We think relationships matter.

In London and the South-East we're often surrounded by people and yet sadly many fail to find a sense of belonging. We’re committed to providing a place where all sorts of people find a community where they will be loved. As Christians, God saves us into a family. we need one another if we’re to continue to live with Jesus as our Lord. We need encouragement, care, support and accountability from others. Our small group program, our social events, and our hospitality will mean a lot to us.


We think training matters.

We only have one life and we want to develop and use the gifts God has given each of us well for his glory. We believe every part of the church body is essential and that the body will only be built up in love when everyone gives themselves to their role. We also recognise God's call to raise up new leaders for the church and we want to take that responsibility seriously.


We think mission matters.

We think that includes sending people out across the world, but also that mission consists of sending one another across the street into our neighbourhood. We want to give ourselves—our time, energy and money to the great commission God has given us. We want our neighbours—in our street, in our workplaces, in our schools to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, credibly backed up with practical care and concern for our neighbourhood. We’re doing this so that Jesus Christ may be known and God may be glorified.

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