We think Beckenham is the 2nd best-kept secret in London. 

Some of us have lived here all our lives, some of us have come more recently, but we all love Beckenham—the people, the place, the space. 


We're a happy coalition of people and networks who want to play our part in sharing the best-kept secret in London—the good news of Jesus.

Alongside Co-Mission, the FIEC and Christ Church Bromley, individual Christians who live in Beckenham, or are moving to Beckenham, are coming together to start a new church community. 


Matt and Mary Dew-Jones moved to Beckenham in September 2019 to help lead this work, and we’re just getting started on forming the new church community. Watch out for updates over the next few months to find out more, or drop Matt a line and he can fill you in on the latest plans.