As we respond to the unfolding COVID situation, we are continuing to partner with Christ Church Bromley and their Sunday services. The 11.15am service is for the whole family while the 7pm service is able to go into greater depth. Most weeks you'll find Matt or Adam preaching at one of the services and if you come along you'll be able to meet others committing to joining Grace Church Beckenham.

As Grace Church Beckenham continues to build toward a full launch (God-willing) in September, joining us at Christ Church Bromley marks a great next step in that process - an in person, all together gathering! Everyone's welcome - from those already part of things to those looking in both at Grace Church and at Christianity. If you come, please ask to meet someone associated with Grace Church Beckenham.
We'd love to meet you!

If you'd like to get a flavour of Grace church teaching, you could watch this recent sermon on Psalm 131.