Coronavirus is leading many of us to ask some of life's big questions.

We believe these 'COVID Conversations' help us explore some of the answers Christianity gives and the difference that makes in the lives of individual Christians.

Please join us on Wednesday, 28th October for a COVID Conversation - this time on Mental Health - as we speak with Helen Thorne and reflect on the hope Christianity offers. Helen is the Director of Training and Resources at Biblical Counselling UK. She is an experienced speaker and biblical counsellor and has authored several books. She's also just willing to be honest about her own struggles in life and loves sharing the hope she's found.

If you'd like to connect based on any of these conversations,

please feel free to reach out to us. We'd love to chat more.


During this conversation, we hear from individuals and families in the local area how their faith has made a difference as they've lost their jobs.

Matt Lloyd knows what it is for life to be sailing along and then for everything to change in an instant. An utterly unexpected spinal cord injury left him starting life again from scratch. Join us as we explore how Christianity gave Matt hope, and the hope Christianity holds out to us all in this time of great change.

Mary Dew-Jones’ sense of security was stripped away in an instant – walking along a street in broad-daylight, she was stabbed in the back by someone who should have been in a mental institution. The encounter left both physical and mental scars. Join us as we hear how Christianity gave her a firm foundation on which to rebuild and how it can help all of us face the anxiety Coronavirus breeds.

Our mortality is one of the last taboos in our culture. We struggle to even know how to talk about it. Join us for an evening engaging with our culture, hear the experiences of different generations and explore the possibility of lasting hope.



Many people haven’t read the historical accounts of Jesus.  Watch this on-demand webinar presentation, looking at Episode 1 of John’s biography of Jesus using a resource called 'The Word One to One.' 

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